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Metic Masterclass

“In Nigeria, I was often confused for being Lebanese, Indian, Arab or Fulani. But not here in England or America. In these places, I am firmly black, of unknown origin.

Chris AbaniPoet

The Results

“Distinguishing the difference between our metic traits and our metic signature”

Metic Masterclass brief

Join writer-in-exile Nick Makoha for this workshop, as part of his Black Metics project, where you will look into the experience of black poets in the UK and US to investigate how these writers are differentiated from natives, and ask whether poetic writing can itself be a Metic practice. The day will include a talk, Q&A session, workshop and interviews, with the aim of discovering your own unique Metic experience.

There are QUESTIONS. In these modern times of endless travel where is home? And where do people feel they belong – to the land of their birth or to the place they live? What exactly shapes our identity? And how can writing connect all those places?  This will be an engaging and provoking poetry masterclass exploring issues of identity and race, migration, exile and ‘foreignness’.

This course is for anyone interested in exploring issues of identity, race, and migration. The workshop will also include writing prompts to help kickstart your creativity.


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